Fabrizio Narcisi was born on the last day of the 1980s in Southern Italy. Growing up in a creative household, his father an Art Director and his mother working closely to the world of opera, he developed a strong artistic flair from a young age. After completing his diploma at Arts High School, he continued his studies graduating in 2013 from LABA (Libera Accademia di Belle Arti) in Florence with a Bachelors in Multimedia Languages and Graphic Design.

Together with Francesco Bonasia, he formed the director duo “Bonasia & Narcisi”, swiftly directing remarkable short-films and closely working with the Milanese and international fashion systems, filming for relevant editorial publications such as Love Magazine, Vogue Italia, L’Officiel Italia, i-D and major brands and groups such as Missoni, Swarovski, L’Orèal Group, Nike, Isko, Huawei and Kartell.

Their creative approach applies both still photography and moving image to most of their projects, valuing their potential to narrate an honest story.

In 2017 the duo won the People’s Choice Award at the Fashion Film Festival Milano with the short film “Dilemma”.

In 2019, Narcisi, alongside his creative partner, Bonasia, founded the production company INSTITVTE. The company produces fashion films and commercials with an exceptional awareness of the contemporary artistic environment, incorporating avant-garde media in their projects such as 3D modelling.

A resolute and great desire to create has guided Narcisi all of his life, leading to his first work “Without Direction”, marked by explicit and distinct aesthetics and imaginaries. His research focuses on the integration and experimentation of different media. A trademark of his projects is relating crucial iconic references that deeply influenced his creative process, generating an intimate link between past and future.